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A brand new take on Brand Experiences

UMG creates powerful brand experiences from a truly sensory perspective, utilising all five senses in your brand communication, through any and all touchpoints.

We do this because we know that your customer’s appreciation and experience of your brand, all the way through to the cashier line, is crucial for your business. This is also why we have organised our company to be truly independent of channel and media. Instead, we´ve chosen to specialise in two areas, the brand experience and the retail experience.

Our model is based on an initial analysis of your brand with regard to five critical brand values. It is grounded in your ability to inspire, interact, engage and mobilise your audience, as well as the strength of your brand presence at the point of sale. Using this model, we are able to develop a strategy and plan the necessary tactical steps to deliver a flawless brand experience to your target group.

UMG has been creating brand experiences for 15 years. Along the way, our work has won both national and international awards. While we see this as a proof that we are on the right track, more than anything we take it as a challenge to keep evolving. No matter how proud we might be to win an award, you may rest assured that it is nothing compared to the pride we take in our day-to-day work – in continuing to deliver brand experiences that make a difference for clients such as Coca-Cola, Chiquita and Arvid Nordquist.

Our amazing clients
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Always Coca-Cola

In every good relationship, you grow together, side by side. That’s the way it’s been with UMG and Coca-Cola since our relationship started way back in 2002 when the agency was founded.

Coca-Cola was one of our first clients. At first, we took it slowly, just holding hands one might say, but things soon got serious and 15 years later, we are still going steady – making beautiful music together in retail and brand experiences.

Today, we provide Coca-Cola with services ranging from shopper marketing and trade communication to event marketing and sponsorship activations, across the entire Coca-Cola portfolio – from Coca-Cola Classic and Fanta Orange to MER and Chaqwa.

Over the years we’ve collaborated on countless projects and we are still making one another happy.
So, what’s our secret?

The basic ingredients are receptiveness and responsiveness, add a dash of strategic creativity and, the best spice of all, make sure to stay hungry. Of course, it’s perfectly served with plenty of ice and a slice of lemon. That’s our recipe for making a great relationship last!

Always #ChooseHappiness.

100 years of innovation

2015 was a historic year for Coca-Cola in Sweden, the year when the new production line for the Coca-Cola bottle of the future opened – one of the biggest changes since the Swedish production plant was opened in Jordbro in 1999.

It was also the year that the iconic contour bottle celebrated its centenary. Patented in 1915 by Swedish American Alexander Samuelson, the classic fluted Coca-Cola bottle went on to become one of the most recognized packages in the world.

The 360 campaign 100 Years of Contour. 100 Years of Innovation was created to both launch the bottle of the future and to celebrate its heritage. The campaign was built around the concept of bringing history to life through both an online and a physical exhibition at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.

Coke @ Gothia Cup

During one week in the middle of July, thousands of children from around the globe come together at Heden in Gothenburg to play and enjoy football.
As one of the main sponsors of the Gothia Cup, Coca-Cola offers visiting teams and families a host of fun events between and after games.

Last summer we launched the Coca-Cola Skills Arena (where you can display and improve your football skills) and Coke 360° (allowing you to take unique pictures together with your friends, using 36 cameras at the same time), both with the mission of getting people together to share in the happiness.

The results were fantastic and we’ll be back this year!

Coca-Cola Concept Store

In 2017, Coca-Cola finally decided to launch the Freestyle Machine on the Swedish market; a wonderful soda fountain offering you more than one hundred different flavours from the Coca-Cola family.
However, the question remained of where to put it? The answer proved to be the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm.
Over a couple of hectic months, we came up with a concept and designed and built the whole thing – and voilà! At the end of April, just before the park opened for the season, Sweden’s first ever Coca-Cola concept store was ready to open its doors – offering the public unique Coca-Cola merchandise, Fanta and Coca-Cola Frozen and, off course, the opportunity to experience Freestyle for the very first time!

Stop by for some bubbles and always, always ride refreshed.

Share a Coke

When a world-leading brand like Coca-Cola choose to replace their logo with individual names such as John, Håkan, Ingela and Stella – well, then you have a winner.

Over one night in May, Coca-Cola exchanged all in-store bottles for new ones with names in place of the company logo. The following day, 150 individual names could be found in your local store and the movement was a fact, spinning fast.
During the following four months, tens of thousands of bottles were shared between friends and families around Sweden.
These personalised bottles could be seen everywhere – in stores, on Instagram, displayed on giant billboards and in the hands of people with smiling faces. Young and old alike made sure not to miss the chance to share. And that’s exactly what Coca-Cola is all about, spreading happiness through a bottle of Coke.

The campaign was a success fuelled by happiness and passion. So successful in fact, that Coca-Cola decided to repeat it the following summer, adding more unique names and keeping the spirit of sharing alive. What a wonderful thing.

Coke Sneak Peak

Every year, Coca-Cola visits their most important customers to inform them about upcoming campaigns and innovations – a sneak peek into the future, one might say.

Much like Optimus Prime, our specially designed truck transforms into a Coca-Cola model, filled with tools for the specially invited guests to experience and enjoy during the event. The truck then travels from customer to customer, spreading joy and the news about tomorrow’s innovations.

Over the years, UMG has created several concepts, from giant LED-screens illuminating the future, to turning the entire truck into a giant football dressing room. Everything tailored to the next innovation.

What the coming year will look like, we don’t yet know, but stay tuned to find out. Very soon the results will be revealed here. Meanwhile, enjoy some old looks.

Holidays are coming

The question isn’t whether or not you believe in Father Christmas, the question is, did you know that it was Coca-Cola who “invented” Santa as we know him today?

In the 30’s, illustrator Haddon Sundblad (with roots in both Finland and Sweden) designed Santa Clause, with his red costume, big stomach and thick, white beard, for the Coca-Cola Company. Ever since then, Christmas has been closely associated with Coca-Cola.

Every December, Coca-Cola rolls out a major, national campaign to spread the true meaning of Christmas. The slogan may vary, but the conclusion remains the same – “Share the happiness and everything good with those around you”.

We have enjoyed the privilege of helping Coca-Cola with their Christmas celebrations in-store and online on many occasions, and last year was no exception. Together with the people of Sweden, Coca-Cola donated 100,000 meals to people in need of some extra yuletide caring.



Our relationship with Com Hem is in its early stages but we are confident that it’s only the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. We have started working to deliver powerful experiences to their customers and we are very excited to be onboard on their journey to unleash the power of their new brand.

Com Hem is on an exciting brand journey, redefining their brand and evolving it for communication to all senses in order to offer their customers stronger experiences. Like us, they have come to believe that a strong brand needs a multisensory strategy that brings out the soul of the brand in everything they do and in every encounter. Many companies are aware of the importance of this subject, but few are bold enough to embark on this new voyage of discovery.

What we love about Com Hem is that they have the vision, the expertise and the leadership to become the first within their industry to do so.


To excel beyond their existing brand platform and to bring the brand to life, we have collaborated to developed a multi-sensory brand strategy.

The first fruit of this new strategy was a fresh new brand design guide. Together with prominent Swedish designer Jon Eliasson, we explored the nature of the Com Hem brand and translated our findings into a new brand guide for interior, packaging and product design. The guide was designed as a touch and feel box to allow the discovery of the Com Hem brand with your own hands.


Com Hem constantly strives to offer their customers Sweden’s best surf experience. Super-fast broadband access is an excellent start but without a really good Wi-Fi router, it’s impossible to take advantage of the technology’s full potential.

For this reason, Com Hem developed their new C1 Wi-Fi hub, the fastest and most reliable router ever. With strong performances in all tests, this hub is setting new performance standards within their industry. We were delighted to be commissioned to create a 3D film for the launch of the C1, presenting the power and performance of the new router in an entirely innovative manner.


Just smile!

If you think a banana is just a banana, think again. Chiquita is the world’s no 1 banana and so much more than a curved, yellow berry (yeah, a banana is in fact a berry!).

The Chiquita selection process is complex, and as a banana, you have to tick a lot of boxes to earn the coveted blue stamp. So, when you hold a Chiquita in your hand, you hold something grand in your hand!

By their very existence, Chiquita put a smile on thousands of faces every day. So do we. At UMG, we activate Chiquita on a daily basis all year around. Our service includes advertising, retail, event, digital, and sponsorship – the whole banana – and we never have a boring moment.

Here come the Minions

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Minions. Kids and grownups alike enjoy the movies about these tiny, yellow creatures. The same applies to Chiquita. The curved, yellow, sweet-tasting fruit appeals to most people, young and old. Perhaps that’s why the collaboration between the two works so well?

In 2015, Chiquita began its partnership with Universal Pictures and we launched our first Minion campaign. With Minion stickers available to collect in store, turning your Chiquita’s into amusing Minions, and digital opportunities to win unique Minion merchandise – the entire campaign was communicated using creative POS material. A handsome campaign indeed.


The lives of kids should be about having fun and going for a run. Run, run, run. And by run, we mean play and exercise, without any demands on performance. From an early age, fun, everyday exercise is the key to good health and future fitness.

Chiquita is a big fan of fun, daily exercise. For many years, Chiquita has been a main sponsor of the Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon and when the opportunity arose to create a “mini race” alongside the main competition, their response was obvious. In 2017, almost 8,000 children up to the age of six ran the 250 metres of the Minivarvet through Slottsskogen. This joyful race welcomes every kid with a spring in their step and, naturally, at the finish line every participant gets a gold medal and a shiny, yellow premium banana – a true Chiquita moment.

Chiquita @ midnattsloppet

Midnattsloppet is more than just a city race. It’s a festival. Taking place in the city centres of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg, thousands of runners compete each year, with just as many experiencing the race as spectators and partygoers. In other words, Midnattsloppet is the perfect event for Chiquita to sponsor.

Chiquita contributes both energy to the competitors and fun activities for spectators to enjoy while watching the races. Last year we merged running with classic bingo to create – Banana Bingo. By offering 36 runners free registration in exchange for running dressed in a numbered, yellow t-shirt, we used them as real-life bingo balls. When a Chiquita runner passed by our area we shouted out the number and name so that the audience could mark their bingo card. A popular activation, putting a smile on everyone’s face.


How about some cookies with your coffee?
Or maybe some spicy Tabasco …

Here at UMG, we never turn down candy and we never back down from heat, that’s for sure. So, in Arvid Nordquist we found the perfect match.

Arvid Nordquist doesn’t just produce really good coffee. Their brand portfolio also includes cookies, crisps, cereals, raisins, canned fruit and much more.

UMG delivers both event and retail campaigns for Arvid Nordquist. We work on a daily basis with brands such as Maryland Cookies, Pringles, Skippy, Del Monte, Tabasco and Kikkoman. And we love it!

Working with the world’s leading grocery brands allow us enjoy goodies throughout the seasons. What’s not to like about that?

Cocktail Challenge

Every year, just before summer, Tabasco invites some of Sweden’s best bars and restaurants for a Cocktail challenge. Every bar/restaurant sets together a team – one bartender and one chef – with the mission to create and deliver tasty drinks, shots and snacks on given time. Of course, everything with a splash of Tabasco pepper sauce.

Every new Cocktail Challenge has a special theme, strongly linked to the American south and Louisiana, home of Tabasco Pepper Sauce. So far the competition has treated us with some amazing taste experiences and we looking forward for many more.

Ta fram det bästa

Good taste makes food taste good. That’s how we see it. Choosing your products and ingredients carefully and knowledgably offers the best chance of creating healthy, wonderful-tasting food.

The concept “Ta fram det bästa” (Bring out the best) gathers some of the world’s top flavour enhancers, with which you can quickly and simply take your cooking to a whole other level. For example, both Tabasco Pepper Sauce and Kikkoman Soya, two of the enhancers, contain what is usually called the “fifth flavour” – umami, meaning that they enhance and accentuate other ingredients and flavours in the food.

Every season we drop new campaigns and activations with the mission of helping you “bring out the best” in your cooking.

Visit taframdetbasta.com for more inspiration and delicious tips.


Barilla & Wasa
Good for You. Good for the Planet.

In Sweden, we know our crispbread. We here at UMG are no different. For us it’s law. From early morning, through lunch break until our evening snack, the good people at UMG enjoy crispbread – of all kinds! 

Maybe that’s why Barilla – the Italian Pasta King – chose to work with us, because of our crispbread knowledge. You see, Barilla is no different. They also share a passion for wheat-based products. In their portfolio, you find not only some of the world’s leading pasta brands, but also biscuits, snacks, breads and crispbread, all based on wheat.

Since 2014 we have managed classic brands such as Falu Rågrut and crispy innovations such as Wasa Kanel and Müsli Gourmete. The emphasis has been on brand experience through sponsorships and events.

Crispbread contributes to both good health and good results and we are proud to say that we’ve helped many Swedes to achieve their goals. Especially when it comes to a Swedish Classic.

Piccolo Pop-Up

Academia Barilla is both an international centre with the mission of spreading, highlighting and developing Italian gastronomy to the rest of the world, and the name of the No. 1 premium, everyday pasta – one which really differs from its competitors in the hard pasta segment.

With the concept Piccolo Pop-Up, an Italian Vespa filled with premium pasta, we captured them both. By educating the consumer in Italian gastronomy in-store, while handing out sample bags containing two portions of premium pasta, we reached out to consumers, educating them on what Academia Barilla is really all about.

Enjoy Academia Barilla and experience the true taste of Italy – Buon appetito!


If you know Swedish crispbread, then you know Wasa. Their brand portfolio is full of tasty crispbreads with different flavours and shapes.

The concept Wasa Deli gathers some of Wasa’s finest crispbreads, 11 to be specific, and invites you to try the ones you find most appealing (or perhaps all of them) together with fresh toppings, to identify your new favourites. The in-store setup captures the classic deli feeling and the things associated with it – good service, expertise and quality. We toured Sweden with Wasa Deli, visiting selected stores to spread the gospel of crispbread. And we saved a whole lot of lost soft-bread souls.

A Swedish Classic

A Swedish Classic is a cultural phenomenon. Comprising five different long-distance races taking place throughout the year – road cycling, running, swimming and cross-country skiing – thousands of people (professional and amateur) line up at the starting line together every year, ready to accept the challenge. Some are determined to complete all five races, while others are satisfied with two or three.

For three years, we helped Wasa to activate their sponsorship of A Swedish Classic. With communication, activities and sampling, we rolled out the grand Wasa experience to all visitors. One of the activities we launched was The Duel, where we invited families and friends to challenge each other outside of the competition – using swimming, running, cycling and skiing simulators. Before every new classic, we dressed the setup with proper gear befitting the moment. And the communication was clear – “Healthy snacking with Wasa, before and after every challenge”.


– Because We’re Worth It

We see L’Oréal as our colourful best friend – outgoing, glamorous and always ready with an invitation to the next big party or beauty event.

With L’Oréal you’ll never have a bored day. But if you, for whatever reason, feel down and out, L’Oréal will always lift you up, making you pop and sparkle. Like a best friend should.

UMG’s friendship with L’Oréal started in 2001, even before the agency was born and baptized. Along the way, we have come to know and get close to some of the siblings, and today we hang out with Maybelline, Essie, NYX Professional Make up, and Garnier on a regular basis. But most of all, we spend our days with the queen bee – L’Oréal Paris.

UMG is responsible for the staffing of all L’Oréal Sweden in-store campaigns and we have an extensive database of make-up artists, beauticians, manicurists and other professionals. Our friendship with L’Oréal also includes responsibility for creating concepts, as well as the production and implementation of all events and sponsorships, including the ELLE Gala.

Scroll down and step into a colourful world of make-up and beauty. Why? Because you’re worth it!

Coloristas get togheter - Nordic

 “We are urban, we are bold. We go our own way and dare to take up space. We are the loud girls at the party; those who not only appreciate and define youth culture, but re-invent it, over and over again. You may call us childish and tell us to grow up. Then again, you just might be a little too grown up yourself.”

These are the words of the Coloristas, summarising and explaining what the movement is all about. The same year as the Colorista series launched, we had the opportunity to invite and hang out with some of the most famous Coloristas. They flew in from all over Scandinavia to join forces during a get together in Sweden attended by a host of colourful people. Those attending the event included stylist Tommie X, graffiti legend Puppet and the minimalistic skateboard manufacturer, Urskog – among many others. The event provided us with some truly colourful moments, that’s for sure.


Since 1997, ELLE has hosted Sweden’s premier fashion party – the ELLE Gala. In recent years, the event has been held at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm and L’Oréal has been one of the main sponsors for almost as long.

Each year, L’Oréal add something extra to the ELLE Gala. Make-up artists, hair stylists and brand experts offer all guest the opportunity to enjoy some true L’Oréal glamour – before, during and after the event.

In 2011, L’Oréal and ELLE created the award category Look of the Year to recognise colourful personalities and in 2017, Bianca Ingrosso won the prestigious prize. Get a glimpse of the GALA and our activities below. With one click, you step out onto the red carpet and into a glamorous evening.

Essie Bridal Collection

“From the moment a woman lays her eyes on her engagement ring, her manicure becomes the centrepiece of countless photos and special wedding moments. To help ensure she has a picture-perfect manicure for every occasion along the way, Essie introduce the new, limited edition gel couture bridal collection.”

Together with the LA based fashion designer, Monique Lhuillier, Essie produced its first ever bridal designer collaboration. With six unique colours and one top coat, the Essie Gel Couture Bridal Collection by Monique Lhuillier rolled out worldwide.

At Åhléns City in Stockholm, we created a tailor-made environment in the main entrance – including cake stands with the new gel couture polish, a mannequin wearing a Lhuillier dress, a competition prize, and a large wedding arch with fresh-cut flowers – hard to say “no” to. Instead, three other words better describe the feeling surrounding these products, a simple “Yes, I do!”.

Colorista Pre-launch

In 2016, Colorista detonated like a colourful bomb on the Swedish market. Their semi-permanent hair colours offer wonderful possibilities to mix and match looks, on an almost daily basis.

We handled the Colorista pre-launch, worked our in-store magic and invited customers to experience the new and amazing products that add more colour and attitude to everyday life. Everywhere we went, people showed up in search of unique colours to highlight their personality. We offered guidance, demonstrated different hairstyles and shapes and gave the people some extra flair, just like that.

NYX Professional Make up Pop-Up store

When NYX Professional Makeup finally decided to launch on the Nordic markets, they commissioned us to conceptualise, create and navigate through the launch process.

We invited beauty junkies who were willing to go that extra mile for unique and colourful products to Åhléns City in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The result was stunning. People queued for hours outside the stores to get a glimpse of the new products. While they queued, we offered them a variety of activities – a wheel of fortune, selfie walls connected to a competition and different makeup-stations. On gaining entry, the colourful party continued to the tunes of our inhouse DJ – more colour to the people!

Maybelline @ Way Out West

Way Out West is one of Sweden’s biggest music festivals, taking place in Slottsskogen, Gothenburg. Every summer, tens of thousands of people come together to enjoy some of the hottest artists the world has to offer, and 2016 was no exception.

What was special about this year was that two additional stars (not primarily known for music) chose to honour the festival with their presence, adding some extra glamour. For three glorious days, Maybelline and Jonas Hallberg hooked up with our wonderful make up-artists; their mission, to spread the love, beauty and glamour to everyone at WOW. Despite three days of punctuated by heavy rain, nothing could stop us. Joy persisted, especially in the Maybelline area, were the laughter reverberated among the trees of Slottsskogen long after the Festival ended.

Maybelline + Jonas @ Way Out West = A perfect match


Dreams can come true

This adage took on enormous relevance for us in 2015, when UMG won the prestigious assignment of creating the events surrounding TV4’s Idol television programme. Much like the idols who qualified for the finals, we saw this very much as a victory.

The assignment includes sponsor and hospitality activities over the course of eleven Friday nights, both for regular guests and VIPs. UMG and TV4 share the vision of pushing the format forward to create a better experience for all audiences – year on year.

With the first year a resounding success, UMG received renewed trust in 2016 and hopefully we’ll be back for the 2017 finals. Dreams, as they say, can come true.

Scroll down to experience the event again. And again, and again, and again…


Idol is one of the biggest TV formats in the world, broadcasting in more than 40 countries and widely known for discovering and shaping new pop stars. TV4 first showed Idol in Sweden back in 2004 and we joined the pop circus in 2015. The same year, Idol won the Kristallen award for best TV show.

Since then, we have conceptualised and implemented all Friday finals (10 every season) and behind-the-scenes events. Activating sponsors, hosting VIP guests and arranging special dinners are just a few of our tasks. In short, we ensure that everyone has a wonderful time. And we’ll be doing it all again this year.


Like Idol, Talang (Talent) is a TV-show searching for people with unique talents and special gifts. What distinguishes Talang, is that the participants can possess different characteristics; not just a pretty face with a good singing voice (although that’s a pretty good start). The ability to bark like a dog, or pull a duck out of your big, black hat, is worth just as much. If you have the gift to entertain, you may just be the next Talent.

At the same time as TV4 chose to buy back the rights to the TV-show and give it a new chance, we were invited to participate in the Talang pitch, something which ended with us conceptualising and implementing the finals. It made us wonder, maybe we’ve got the talent…

It's always nice to feel appreciated

Over the years, our work has won both national and international awards. While we see this as a proof that we are on the right track, more than anything we take it as a challenge to keep evolving.

No matter how proud we might be to win an award, you may rest assured that it is nothing compared to the pride we take in our day-to-day work – in continuing to deliver brand experiences that make a difference for our clients.

The capital of Scandinavia

United Media Group Nordic AB
Kommendörsgatan 30, 3tr
SE-114 48 Stockholm, Sverige

Scandinavias most expanding region

United Media Group Oresund AB
Grimsbygatan 24 (Saltimporten)
SE-211 20 Malmö, Sverige

The capital of Scandinavia

United Media Group Nordic AB
Kommendörsgatan 30, 3tr
SE-114 48 Stockholm, Sverige

Scandinavias most expanding region

United Media Group Oresund AB
Grimsbygatan 24 (Saltimporten)
SE-211 20 Malmö, Sverige

The capital of Scandinavia

United Media Group Nordic AB
Kommendörsgatan 30, 3tr
SE-114 48 Stockholm, Sverige

Scandinavias most expanding region

United Media Group Oresund AB
Grimsbygatan 24 (Saltimporten)
SE-211 20 Malmö, Sverige