Nyx Professional Cosmetics

Not your average cosmetics brand.

We are part of a tightly-knit community in which creativity is celebrated over beauty, community rules over individualism and where our assigned roles in life are just that; a role that one can choose to play or a role that can be transformed into something else entirely.

We are a part of the digital generation, safe in the knowledge that, no matter our physical whereabouts, we can always seek support, inspiration and strength from friends all over the world who shares our values and interests.

NYX holds a position that is unique in this community.
We are a summoning force that is regarded as a friend, not a supplier. We deserve this position and are always aware of the obligations towards our community this places on us. In our universe, you are all stars. We treat you as the superstars you were born to become.

With Nordic Face Awards, we have found a way to engage the community and give them the chance to take the next step on their journey. As the Grand finale approaches, we empower our friends and let them showcase their work to the outside world, combining seriousness with celebrations.

The finals of Nordic Face Awards will be held June 16th in Stockholm. Stay tuned for the results.