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The world is constantly evolving.
We need to be as well.

We live in a world in which ongoing digitalisation is leading to rapid change. Naturally, this even affects the world of marketing and retail, in many ways to an even greater degree. In order to stay one step ahead in an ever-changing world, marketers need to take the lead instead of trying to follow the beaten track. We know that this demands hard work and a certain amount of courage but, on the other hand, the rewards may be greater than ever before. And it’s a great deal of fun!


One of the major changes that we already see taking effect, is the change from bought media to earned and shared media. As, to an ever-increasing extent, consumers disregard advertising, the brand experience, and the brand’s ability to entertain and inspire, becomes more and more important. We need to deliver the high-quality content that our audience deserves, rather than wearing them down with persistence. In this, storytelling is one of the keys to success.



Related to this, it would be easy to point out that new media habits create new influencers. However, it should be borne in mind that Blondinbella launched her blog in 2005 and every single webcast by Pewdiepie reaches an audience ten times that of the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. So, might we perhaps be considered ill-informed if we continue to view them as new?

Why are these influencers so successful? Hard work, obviously, but also because they speak from their true persona, about subjects that truly matter to them. In their disregard for who might be willing to listen to them, they have inadvertently pioneered the change from a demographic to a psychographic view of the audience.


In retail, digitalisation is changing everything. Stores must adopt an omni-channel approach to their customers and offer a seamless shopping experience online as well as offline. The shopping experience becomes more and more important in both the digital and physical environment. As a brand, this offers tremendous opportunities to gain ground. It is also noticeable that the pioneers in this arena are not the usual early adopters.



As digital technology enhances the brand meeting and gives us new tools to work with within brand experiences, we can simultaneously see a movement in the other direction. As our everyday surroundings become more and more digitalised, there is a tendency to upgrade our appreciation of the physical encounter. The brand experience, when enhanced by all five senses, is still a very strong influencer, especially when we can harness digitalisation’s strengths to work in our favour. That is what we try to do every day.

At UMG, we pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients. As we are privileged to work with some of the most exciting brands in the world, we know that there are always plenty of other agencies willing to take our place. We take this as proof that we are doing things in the right way.
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When we initiate a project, we always start by analyzing the brands current position within five areas.

3,200 salaries
Needless to say, our most important resource, as a knowledge-based company, is our staff. At the offices of UMG, you will find more than 45 individual experts with more than 150 years of experience in marketing and retail. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Last year, UMG paid salaries to more than 3,200 individuals all over the Nordics. To identify and validate the qualities of these individuals, although time-consuming work, is of great value to ourselves and our clients. These field workers are all carefully selected to fit your brand and to ensure that your brand experience is delivered flawlessly.